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ProductReseller priceQuantity
Prep Kit$38.00 incl. GST
Home Kit$80.00 incl. GST
Workplace Kit$195.00 incl. GST
AED Cabinet$175.00 incl. GST
CellAED TRAINER™$115.00 incl. GST
Silver Prep Kit package$206.60 incl. GST
Silver Home Kit package$247.35 incl. GST
Silver Workplace Kit package$358.90 incl. GST
Gold Prep Kit package$287.85 incl. GST
Gold Home Kit package$327.75 incl. GST
Gold Workplace Kit package$437.00 incl. GST
Sign Pack$90.00 incl. GST
CellAED Wall Mount™$79.00 incl. GST
CellAED®$749.00$1,014.65 incl. GST
*Please click through to the CellAED® product page if you would like to order via deposit.

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